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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Ideal Size!!!

Hey Ladies, this is me in late 2006 ---early 2007 - AKA - post baby making season! Before having 2 kids, this is how I looked (167 lbs). I never worried about my weight back then. Back then, I was carefree, pounds free, and pretty healthy. I weighed 167 on this photo. After I started having kids and getting pregnant at the end of 2007, thats when the full photos came to a halt! I was browsing through my pictures and I noticed that I don't have any pictures of me from head to toe! Subliminally, did I realize that I was fat and avoided taking such shots of myself? It certainly wasn't my intention to have primarily face shots of myself.
Anyhow, this is my goal as of now. I am aiming to get back into this marvelous figure at 165 lbs, and from there, we will see how it goes. Right now, I am 40 lbs away from that goal. WOW!!


  1. Since the day I started watching your videos, you have inspired me to work hard in losing weight. My goal weight is the same as yours..Good Luck♥

  2. You can do it sis!! We're all cheering for you! :o)


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