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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Its on and poppin 100%

Hey everybody, I managed to smooth out the crinks in my efforts to lose weight. My husband had convinced me that my weight loss efforts were becoming obsessive but I explained to him that whenever I commit myself to something, I give it 100%. He said he already knew that and told me I can do whatever make me happy so um... Its about to be on and popping AGAIN! I will give it my all again. Right now, I sit at 180 which is fine because its basically me starting where I left off + 4lbs but I will get that off the first week of me losing my pounds. Watch me shed the pounds effortlessly... OK I am lying. It won't be effortless but I will try to make it seem that way.
I am going to start by going to the gym. It is a free gym here on the military base. I will also eat right and start taking pictures of what I eat. I am going to approach a cheaper method of losing weight such as using frozen veggies, stuff on sale (diet foods are ALWAYS on sale) and maybe some canned fruits w/no sugar.
The last time I approached weight loss, it was pretty expensive and although we could afford it, I just thought spending that much money on food was outrageous and now, I am going to do it as cheap as possible.
Now, for breakfast today, I had a pepsi but thats because I got only 4 hours of sleep lastnight. My daughter got up lastnight to eat, shes a little greedy one ha ha!
OK, you can follow me on youtube as well to watch me videograph my weight loss efforts. Much love to all of you who support me and I won't let you down - but most importantly, I wont let myself down, either!

Whats a girl to do?

2007 when I was 220 lbs!!! WHOA ME~~~!!
First of all, let me explain to you guys how much I love my husband and I respect him FULLY!! I also give him my undivided attention whenever the baby isn't my first priority and then.... you guys fit in there somewhere. Well, with all of that being said. I have a dilemma.

My husband actually sat me down and told me that my weight loss goal was starting to become obsessive and I was obsessed with losing weight. I thought I was doing everything right. I was watching my calories, weighing myself ever so frequently, shopping correctly, and working out every chance I got along with documenting it via my blog and youtube. Well, he thought I needed to give it a break and chill out, so I did. I directed my attention to something else to help pass the time. I decided to start playing in my makeup/hair on a daily basis. I play in it all the time and shop online for the best deals. I love it, it takes me away from my daily task of cleaning up, cooking, and all the other stuff us stay at home moms do. Well, my husband said AGAIN that I was becoming obsessed with my makeup and hair! I decided to cut back a little on the hair/makeup thingy and I started watching youtube videos in my spare time...now keep in mind, I do all of these things AFTER I've taken care of home, and everything is squared away
Well, low and behold he told me I was obsessed with youtube so of course, I had to give it a break.
I had to stop and think.... "what the hell am I to do now". Well, I've come up with - nothing - I guess I will start blogging more often since my other hobbies were something my husband thought was obsessive. I would like some feedback on what you ladies think of this.

I mean, I really want to start losing weight again, play in my makeup/hair, and watch videos but my husband always says I am obsessed with something when all I am doing is simply engaging myself with extra curricular activities to pass time when everything else is done around the house.
Granted, I know you guys are going to ask if I spend time with him. Of course I do! We sit and watch TV together, we have dinner together every evening when he gets off work, we lay in bed together at night and reflect on our days adventures, we go out for icecream sometimes after dinner, we watch TV together amongst other things we like to do so I dont know whats the problem. Why do you think he doesn't like me to engage in my hobbies. When I asked him about it, he said I was exaggerating and I need to do my hobbies in moderation. So, all of that said..where do I go from here. I guess I will start blogging more?
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