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Monday, January 2, 2012

The Dreaded New Years FAT Pic

You've been there. The night when you go out, and you feel very sexy, thin, beautiful, and fly ONLY to look at the pictures and see a fat chic!!! WHO IS THIS FAT TUMMY FAT FACE WOMAN??? I don;t even recognize myself...but it's new years and I am veryyy good at sticking with my new years resolutions. OK so I took pics for new years and this is what I look like for new years night.

Look at my fat face, my tummy, my big cheeks, and I REFUSE to post my full frame. You will have to wait on the confidence booster for that, girlys!
I'm still pretty and I still feel gorgeous, but I am now 220lbs!!! OMGGGG!!!

Well, fret no more ladies. I am here despite the weight, and what better time to lose it than NEW YEARS!!! LETS GET IT!!!
I've went and bought a lot of organic foods ($600 worth), I got my hair braided so that I can work out and wash my braids without worrying about styling my hair every day. I went and bought work out clothes and I even brought my elliptical in the house from the garage. I am ready!!! I need to hear that I look dramatically different again. Heres what my face looked like when I was 179
So I wanna get back here, where I felt beautiful and sexy! I am on my way. YAY!!
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