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Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Ideal Size!!!

Hey Ladies, this is me in late 2006 ---early 2007 - AKA - post baby making season! Before having 2 kids, this is how I looked (167 lbs). I never worried about my weight back then. Back then, I was carefree, pounds free, and pretty healthy. I weighed 167 on this photo. After I started having kids and getting pregnant at the end of 2007, thats when the full photos came to a halt! I was browsing through my pictures and I noticed that I don't have any pictures of me from head to toe! Subliminally, did I realize that I was fat and avoided taking such shots of myself? It certainly wasn't my intention to have primarily face shots of myself.
Anyhow, this is my goal as of now. I am aiming to get back into this marvelous figure at 165 lbs, and from there, we will see how it goes. Right now, I am 40 lbs away from that goal. WOW!!

Todays Lunch

Now, before you decide to approach a healthy lifestyle, make sure you don't eliminate any food groups since nutrition is the key to a healthy weight loss plan. For example, low carb fads are not realistic as far as long term. It works great but its too restrictive in my opinion. I'm not throwing shade to anyone who chooses to go that route, I'm just simply stating its not for me.

My plan includes every food group out there, except in portion control and moderation. The ever so popular Lean Cuisine Meals have become a staple in my kitchen. They are rather tasty, nutritious, perfectly portioned and reasonably priced. This particular meal includes White meat chicken with bowtie pasta, asparagus,broccoli and carrots in a creamy garlic parmesan sauce. SOOO GOOD! You have to try this. Its filling, eye pleasing, and it does what its supposed to do. IT HELPS ME LOSE WEIGHT! Lean Cuisine has lots of healthy options to choose from on their site. Go and check them out:)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Weigh in video compillation

I woke up on the morning of Sunday, August 1st 2010 feeling defeated, fat, bloated, and sluggish. I rolled out of bed and said "I've got to do something about this weight" so I saw the camera on my way to the bathroom and immediately thought "I guess I'll record my weight" and boy was I in for a surprise. I took a guesstimate and to my recollection, I thought I would weigh about 200 but BOY was I wrong. Watch the video to see my initial weight as well as my follow up weight. This video includes a 12 day weight loss journey and although I haven't started to document my journey in terms of writing or showing you what I eat, this is a start and I intend on doing that from this day forth. Weight loss community, here I come!
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