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Saturday, July 11, 2009

HIDDEN SUGAR affects weight loss!!

Have you ever thought of how to convert grams of sugar listed on labels to teaspoons or tablespoons of sugar?
Well I have the answer! One teaspoon of granulated white sugar is equal to about 4.2 grams. If you are buying a bottle of flavored water with 44 grams of sugar, you would divide 44 by 4.2 which is equal to 10 teaspoons of sugar. Disgusting, huh? Did you know that sugar which is not burnt off with daily exercise will just turn into fat as stored energy? Hardly anything we want to happen to our bodies! I advise you to keep your sugar intake as low as possible, read those labels, and don't be fooled by manufacturers who state "low fat" or "low sodium" because when they lower one thing, surely enough, they higher something else.

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  1. lately, i've been trying to concentrate on not eating process sugar and flour cause when i eat them i just want more and more. i got me some butternut squash and sweet potatos to curve my cravings and keep blood sugar stable.


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